Ghost of the Dawn

The cage
wherein the damsel is rescued

Our fearless hero’s stake-out and then carry out a preliminary attack against the warehouse of the dastardly kidnappers. after the first attack, our hero’s regroup, and finish off the kidnappers rescuing the damsel (Ann Yarnsworth). Collecting praise from John Yarnsworth and platinum from North our hero’s recoupirate from their adventures.

it begins
wherein the mission is undertaken

Setting forth on the mission given to them by the mysterious ex-serviceman North. Rescue the kidnapped daughter of a local Merchant. For some reason the city watch cannot be trusted.

The connection North provided into the undergrounds, Harkonen, has pointed our hero’s to a warehouse in the south east bay area. Where concern for the young girl’s life has pressed our heros’ hands to attack the warehouse.

An Intriguing Note
Wherin the players recieve a note

The gunsmithy

the bar
// max

the bar
// adam

the magic shop


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